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NAME: eric edlinger

ALTER: noch 13

GEBURTSTAG: 06/03/1993

WOHNORT: trier
HOBBYS: chilln
,meet friendz,essen,schlafen ,music, internöt@, schulö,saufen,eishockey/schlittschuh laufen

MUSIK:slipknot,korn,mettalica,billy talent,stone sour,blink182,social distrotion,(limp bizkit),flyleaf,marilyn manson,p!@td,inflames,my chemical romance,system of a down,dth,simple plan,nirvana,disturbed,gentelman,green day,beatsteaks,bullet for my valentine,dope,iron maiden.....

SCHUHE: vans,skaterschuhe,chucks,schlittschuhe

KLAMOTTEN: punk/metal gedöns....eher punkisch^^

HASS: gott,kirche,hopper

xSLIPKNOT: prosthetics,no life,duality,wait and bleed,diluted,interloper,disasterpiece,vermilion,the nameless,befor i forget,spit it out,me inside,my plaque,new abortion,people=shit,left behind,liberate,i am hated,everything ends,eyeless,despise,pulls of the maggots.....
xKORN: y'all want a single,daddy,did my time,throw me away,lies,jingle bells,queen of the damned,hypocrites,adidas,alone i break,another brick in the wall,let's get this party started,dead bodies everywhere,falling away from me,freak on a leash,got the life,here to stay,make me bad,predictable,no way,right now,for no one,untouchables,politics,word up,ice ice baby...
line and sniker,fallen leafs,river below,devil in the midnight mass,nothing to lose,lies,perfect world,red flag,standing in the rain,when i was a little girl,try hornesty,the ex,burn the evidence,convered in cowardice...
xMETALLICA: die die die my darling,st.anger,enter sandman,frantic,fuel,master of pupets,kill em all,unforgiven,whiplash,nothing else matters,whiskey in the jar,stairway to heaven...
P!@TD: but it's better if you do,write sins no tradgedies,there's a good reason why,intermi
ssion,london beckond songs about money written by machines,new song...
xBLINK182: all the small things,adam's song,damnit,american pie,going away this college,feeling this,i miss you,niggers,so sorry it's over,roller coaster,what's my age again, the rock show...


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